Bus Rent in Kaunas for Tourists


Kaunas is a great city when it comes to sightseeing but we know that many people find it confusing at first. So let us help you with your transportation needs, you can book a bus or minibus for your trip in Kaunas or Lithuania. Since Kaunas is a very special place and is our home, we would like to help you with your transportation needs when you are on a trip to Kaunas or Lithuania. As for sightseeing, Kaunas is the second largest city in Lithuania. It is also the historical capital of Lithuania and has a great history to be proud of.

Kaunas is a city of approximately 200,000 people, and is the second largest city in Lithuania. It lies on the banks of the Nemunas River and is the administrative center of Kaunas County. The city has more than 70,000 inhabitants. The place where Kaunas now stands was first mentioned in written sources in 1361 asa small village and castle because of its location at an important crossing place on the rivers Nemunas and Neris. It rose to prominence again as a military site in 1656 when it was besieged by Russian forces during the Russo-Polish War (1654–67) and occupied until being returned to Poland upon the signing of the Treaty of Oliva in 1660. Kaunas has many interesting places to visit and see, but finding transportation can sometimes be a hassle. Let us help you plan your trip by booking your bus or minibus from Kaunas!

We willfind you the best deal for your trip!

Buses or minibuses can be booked for your trip in Kaunas or Lithuania. They will have everything you need to travel in comfort, safety and comfort. You can also compare the amount of different types of vehicles and enjoy the whole process (if you want us to help with your trip planning). We are here to help you get around Kaunas, Lithuania. If you need a bus for rental or a minibus for your group transportation needs we can help. We provide free delivery and pick up to anywhere in the city of Kaunas and surrounding areas. If you are visiting Kaunas or Lithuania, and need a transport service, we can help you with our large modern fleet of bus hire vehicles. Due to the small size of country, distances can be short but nevertheless when in a foreign country one must know your way around! We will help you to make your trip in the new city easier. Let us help you with your transportation needs, you can book a bus in Kaunas for yourselves and group of tourists, or hire our minibus for a trip in Lithuania. You can book the vehicles from us, we will take care of everything and make sure you get where you want to be

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