Make your life easier! Bus rent company “Čegmira” can take you anywhere you need to go – just email us and we will book a transfer with the personal driver whenever you need. And yes, the emails still work and you can email or call us with any transfer needs that you have, but we would like to introduce you our brand new transfer booking system, where you can easily book a car with the driver to go to airports, lectures, seminars and so on. This new personal reservation system will help you easily book a car with the driver to go to airports, lectures, seminars, etc. in no time.

Travel like a pro with our new reservation system. Book your next car to go to airports, lectures, seminars or even other cities with the driver you know is the best. You never have to worry about traffic or crazy drivers, your will be driven yourself and you’ll be able to enjoy the ride, scroll through your favorite social media handles or just to take a nap. And don’t forget we take care of all the paperwork!

This is the ultimate car transfer booking service, whether you have a long drive ahead of you, or need to catch a flight, our website allows you to schedule and plan your journey with ease. We work with only the finest drivers who are ready to take you wherever you want to go! At rent with personal driver we want you to have an easy time booking a car, so we have created this unique reservation system. You can easily book a car with the driver to go to airports, lectures or seminars. You can also add our expert drivers to your next business trip.

Your driver will be waiting for you by your car as soon as you arrive to the airport. You won’t have to worry about the traffic on your way home from work. Get picked up at your hotel, airport, event and go straight to where you need to be. With this new reservation system you have more freedom to book a car with the driver for a ride to seminars, lectures, airports or whatever you need.
Book a private car rental with your personal driver to go to your favorite destination. Get to and from the airport, lectures and seminars with ease. Our new reservation system makes it easy to book a car and driver.

Whether you’re taking the bus to an airport, need a ride to a lecture or seminar, our drivers can help.

All vehicles are certified with professional drivers who know how to drive safely in all weather conditions. Now you can book a car with a personal driver and get to all your destination without having to wait in the queues or following maps. All this will be done by the professional driver who will take care of everything for you, so that you can just enjoy your trip and stay stress free. We can’t wait to take you to your destination

UAB Čegmira

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